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Data Science

CASTEK Academy is Central India’s First & Best Institute of Data Science by Data Scientists for Data Science Aspirants.

Brief about Data Science

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field about processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from large volumes of data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, which is a continuation of some of the data analysis fields such as data mining and predictive analytics, as well as as Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD).

Data science utilizes data preparation, statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning to investigate problems in various domains such as agriculture, marketing optimization, fraud detection, risk management, marketing analytics, public policy, etc. It emphasizes the use of general methods such as machine learning that apply without changes to multiple domains.

Data scientists use their data and analytical ability to find and interpret rich data sources; manage large amounts of data despite hardware, software, and bandwidth constraints; merge data sources; ensure consistency of datasets; create visualizations to aid in understanding data; build mathematical models using the data; and present and communicate the data insights/findings.

Given the prevalence of technologies and the amount of data available in the online world about users, products, and the content that we generate, businesses can be making so much more well-informed decisions if this vast amount of data was more deeply analyzed through the use of data science. The data science course provides the tools, methods, and practical experience to enable you to make accurate predictions about data, which ultimately leads to better decision-making in business, and the use of smarter technology (think recommendation systems or targeted ads).

Seminar Objective:

This will provide you with technical skills in machine learning, algorithms, and data modeling which will allow you to make accurate predictions about your data. You will be creating your models using Python so you will gain a good grasp of this programming language. Furthermore, you will learn how to parse and clean your data which can take up to 70% of your time as a data scientist.

Target Audience:

Individuals who have a strong interest in manipulating large data sets, finding patterns in data, and making predictions.

Software developers who want to solve problems that involve large data sets, such as predicting user behaviour on their website, making decisions, or the best way to classify content.

Individuals with a good grasp of programming, a solid knowledge of statistics and probability but missing the intersection of them both.

Organized and Hosted by: CASTEK Academy

Prerequisite: None, No programming knowledge is required.

Participation Fee: Nil/Free of Charge

Language: Hindi + English

Note: Please Call us to confirm your seat in advance.
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