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    About Cassandra

    Cassandra™ is a massively scalable open source NoSQL database. Cassandra is perfect for managing large amounts of data across multiple data centers and the cloud. Cassandra delivers continuous availability, linear scalability, and operational simplicity across many commodity servers with no single point of failure, along with a powerful data model designed for maximum flexibility and fast response times,providing enterprises with extremely high database performance and availability.

    CASTEK will cover Cassandra Datamodels, Cassandra Architecture ,RDBMS & amp; Cassandra etc.

    Key Features:

    • 2 Days Classroom training
    • 8 Hrs of Lab Exercises
    • 2 Hrs of Doubt Clarification Session
    • Chapter-end Quizzes
    • Downloadable e-Book Included
    • Cassandra Instalation Procedure included
    • Packed with Latest & Advanced release in cassandra
    • Best in Class Cassandra Developer expert Trainer
    • Tips and Techniques to Use cassandra

    Course Objective:

    After the completion of Cassandra course at CASTEK you should Know:

    1.  Understanding Bigdata Concepts
    2.  Understand Cassandra and NoSQL domain
    3.  Creating Cassandra cluster
    4.  Understanding the Cassandra Architecture
    5.  Design and model application for cassandra
    6.  How to use cassandra with a programing language
    7.  Difference between a RDBMS & cassandra

    Who should do this course?

    1.  Students looking for career in cassandra
    2.  All engineers working with a large-scale, high-volume websites
    3.  Researcher who is designing a project related to Cassandra
    4.  A manager who wants to understand the advantages (and disadvantages) of Cassandra and related
    5.  columnar databases to help make decisions about technology strategy
    6.  A database administrator or database developer currently working with standard relational database systems

    Pre- Requisites

    • students familiar with Linux command line is essential
    • minimal exposure to Java,database or data-warehouse concepts is required

    Why Learn Cassandra

    Apache Cassandra is an open source NoSQL distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. Cassandra was originally developed at Facebook, and is used by lot of companies today. Cassandra is at the forefront of the NoSQL innovation, providing a level of reliability and fine tuning not found in many of the competitors’ offerings. When it comes to scaling, nothing scales like it, biggest example being the Facebook which uses Cassandra for storing petabytes of Data.

    The job market for Cassandra is at peak and is growing at huge rate.

    start-ups and large product companies are choosing Cassandra for their next generation computing and data platforms.

    Some companies using Cassandra are Facebook,Accenture,Godaddy,AOL, Twitter, IBM, Cisco, Dell, NetFlix, eBay,WalmartLabs, and many more.

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